Know your Stats

Learn everything about StatCounter – the powerful real-time web analytics tool. Understand how your visitors interact with your website. Take well informed decisions to enhance your digital marketing efforts. And, you can start this course free!

Who is this course for?

Do you have a website? Do you want to improve your search engine ranking? Do you want insights about your traffic trends? Do you want to know about your repeating visitors? Do you want to learn about the easy yet powerful web analytics tool, the StatCounter? Then this is the perfect course for you.

  • No programming knowledge required!
  • No coding skills needed!
  • No need for any financial investment!

This course is designed to help website owners and bloggers like you with the knowledge of StatCounter and to benefit from real-time insights put forth by this popular web analytics service. An added attraction is that the basic version of this powerful service is free of cost while StatCounter also offers a 30 days free trial for its premium product to try.

This course is right for you if:

  • You have a website and wish to monitor website traffic
  • You wish to understand how your visitors navigate around your website
  • You want to know how your visitors interact with your site content
  • You wish to identify site structure problems
  • You want to know your traffic sources – from where your visitors are coming
  • and much more about theStatCounter and web analytics

This course is probably not right for you if:

  • You do not have a website
  • You do not intend to have a website in future
  • You do not wish to understand how users interact with your website
  • You already consider yourself an advanced StatCounter user


Some experience with HTML, JavaScript is helpful. An active internet connection with a laptop (computer) is required. You must have a laptop because of the hands-on nature of the class.  You can attend classes using a tablet or mobile, and that is ok, however, for practice laptop is necessary

You should have a functioning website or intend to have one soon.

Intensive Training on WordPress

With this course you can:

  • Analyse your site traffic trends
  • Track how well the key metrics are performing
  • Get insights about pageviews and sessions
  • Identify negative traffic trends early and react quickly
  • Use visitor tracking features of StatCounter for well-informed decisions
  • Use StatCounter to understand how well your SEO strategies are performing

After completing course, you can:

You will know:

  • How to use StatCounter Dashboard
  • How to generate and analyse paid traffic report
  • How to detect click fraud
  • How to identify high engagement pages
  • How engaged are your site’s visitors / returning visitors
  • How to get information about

Your Traffic Sources:

  • Visitor locations / map
  • Visitors’ browsers, operating system etc.
  • Visitor engagement
  • Exit links

and almost all about using the StatCounter.

Still have questions ?

Yes, absolutely. This will be the best way to start your journey in web analytics.

The course demands no technical prerequisite. However, if you have a basic level understanding of HTML and JavaScript, you can learn things faster.

Not at all. You do not need to purchase any software or additional hardware to work with StatCounter.

Nothing. You can start this course for free. No money, no hassle, no risk involved.

Sure, why not. Use the form on the contact us page and shoot me your questions. You can also tweet to me @ashish963

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