Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Practice Exam

Who is this practice exam for?

If you want to be Google Certified Individual for Google Analytics, then GAIQ is an exam that you should attempt. Google Analytics Individual Qualification is conducted by Google which tests user’s knowledge about Google Analytics and Web Analytics

Passing this exam provides validation about your understanding of the fundamentals and advanced concepts in Google Analytics. This means you are able to use Google Analytics more effectively than someone else.

This certificate is valid for 12 months from the date you passed the exam. Every year you will need to retake this exam to renew your certificate. Google does not charge any fees for this exam and you can take it from home or office as it is online do not require you to visit any testing centre.

You can attempt the GAIQ certification through Google Skill Shop: Google Analytics Individual Qualification.

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All Questions are AS TOUGH AS a Real Exam

Google Analytics might appear as a very simple tool. However, it is an extremely powerful tool if you know how and what to use. Qualified individuals prove to be very effective at leveraging GA within their organization and helping in taking insights-driven business-critical decisions.

Is it worth to go through all trouble and hard work to get certification? The only answer is – yes. The efforts that you put in to get certified are not only going to help you get a certificate or a badge that you can flaunt but during all the preparation you will get an in-depth knowledge of web analytics which is far more useful than just randomly accessing any report in GA.

You will be considered as a qualified web analyst, which shall open numerous job opportunities and provide you with a stable career. Gain an in-depth knowledge of web analytics techniques and tool like Google Analytics before you attempt your GAIQ exam. Our practise tests are designed to test and validate your knowledge about Google Analytics.

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Google Analytics IQ Exam Format


  • Cost: GAIQ Exam is free
  • Exam duration: Duration of the exam is 60 minutes
  • How many questions: 70
  • Passing score: 80%
  • Question type:
    • Multiple-choice questions
    • True and false
    • Check all that apply
  • If you fail: Retake the exam after one week
  • Validity: Valid for 12 months
  • You cannot pause the test
  • You cannot mark questions and revisit and change later

Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Practice Exam

Practice before you attempt your GAIQ certification exam. With a valid GAIQ Certification get your skills validated.

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