Webinar 01

Marketing Analytics

In this webinar Abhishek Kumar will share his expertise and help you build your skills for infusing analytics advantage into your organization.


Fifth session in this series starts in


Gain insights into marketing analytics. Start by learning web analytics tools and techniques then dive into exploratory data analysis using Python… and much more.

In this webinar Abhishek Kumar an ex. Adobe Consultant will share his expertise and help you build your skills for infusing analytics advantage into your organization.

Why attend these webinars?

  • Learn marketing analytics from industry experts.
  • 5 part webinar series covering tools and techniques in-depth.
  • Live Demos!

Session #01

Web analytics basics and tools.

  • Why is it important?
  • What are the tools available?
  • What are the techniques available?
  • Live Demo of Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics Tool
  • Question & Answer

30 January 2021 | 11 AM CST

Session #02

Web analytics and data analytics

  • What should I do?
  • Theoretical concepts and Difference b/w Web and Data analytics
  • Tools and techniques
  • Live Demo of Jupyter Notebook
  • Question & Answer

06 February 2021 | 11 AM CST

Session #03

Exploratory data analysis

  • Python & Jupyter Notebook
  • Summary statistics
  • Data visualization
  • Data filtering
  • Publishing the visualization and presenting to executives

13 February 2021 | 11 AM CST

Session #04

Predictive Analytics

  • Python
  • Jupyter notebook
  • Linear Regression
  • Multi-regression
  • Question & Answer

20 February 2021 | 11 AM CST

Session #05

Machine Learning

  • Segmentation
  • Association Rules
  • Python & Jupyter Notebook
  • Question & Answer

27 February 2021 | 11 AM CST


This webinar aims to upgrade and improve your skills in key aspects of Web and data analytics.

About the Speaker

Abhishek Kumar, an expert in what he does. Seasoned professional in what he performs. An enthusiastic human with love for the deprived. Abhishek Kumar is a man of knowledge and experience.

Abhishek Kumar has worked with Adobe for more than six years as Analytics Consultant where helped clients build exceptional customer experiences using adobe technology and data-driven strategies. He has proven expertise in deploying web analytics for global brands and experienced in creating analytics roadmap and solutions for enterprise businesses.

Apart from work, Abhishek has volunteered with multiple non-profit organizations in India like Butterfly India and eVidyaloka where he taught computer and mathematics to under-privileged children.

Who can attend?

  • People of all skill levels in the analytics sphere who wish to make insightful, well-informed business decisions.
  • Data analysts who wish to build knowledge in exploratory data analysis, predictive analysis, data visualization etc.
  • Web analysts who wish to improve productivity and learn how to deploy analytical skills in an enterprise environment

Why should you attend?

  • To get the know-how of industry leading tools from industry experts
  • To learn more about data analytics and real-time visualization
  • To discover web and data analytics best practices form the experienced experts.

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