Top Social Media Websites for Real Estate Brokers and Agents

As a real estate broker and agent, you might have an awesome website. But the truth is, it is not sufficient even if it receives some good amount of traffic. You should leverage social media marketing to enhance your web presence. Social media helps you, agents and brokers, to reach out a wider audience and facilitates the lead generation and business promotion.

According to the Pew Centre Research study, 40% of prospective buyers log on to their social media accounts, mostly from their mobile phones. This study also states that about 30% log in every day. Isn’t it a potential market untapped for you? In this article, we will discuss the top 5 social media websites that assist real estate agents and brokers to receive incredible online exposure. If you link your website to popular social networking websites, you can build relevance and authority and garner more business easily.

Here is an overview of some famous social media websites, which when used in coordination with your website, can be a treasure trove for you.

Real Estate Brokers and Agents – Think Beyond Your Website

Do you wonder what makes Facebook and Twitter so famous and beneficial for you? It is the user engagement they provide which in turn drives traffic to your website. You must use your website every day for conducting events, sharing photos thereby promoting sales.

Social media platforms are magical indeed, and every platform has a distinct audience and advantages unique to it.

Here are the famous social media websites that realtors must use:


Facebook, initially launched for young students for chatting and photos sharing, has now evolved into a networking platform for users of all ages. Majority of real estate buyers in the age group of 30 to 50 are on Facebook. About 82% to 89% of real estate customers use Facebook regularly and it really is a benefit for agents and brokers of real estate. Though old age people do not use Facebook much, about 65% of real estate sellers in the age group of 50 to 65 years are present on Facebook.

If you do not have a Facebook presence you cannot cash in on this huge market of prospective clients who use Facebook. The added attraction is that Facebook offers you a set of tools like groups which facilitate content sharing, business pages and inexpensive advertising. On Facebook, you can initiate a discussion, share your blog posts, host events, or simply inform your friends about your projects and open houses. For wise users, Facebook is a marketing miracle indeed.


LinkedIn was launched as a networking website for professionals to help them connect with other professionals, colleagues, and fellow workers. It began its journey 2 years before Facebook. From a little website for professionals, LinkedIn has become a big giant with about quarter billion users across the world.

The focus of LinkedIn is professionals and businesses. It is an exclusive community of professionals where people talk about their work, skills, build relations, create brands both personal and corporate. Facebook, unlike LinkedIn, is a platform for meeting people and socializing.

LinkedIn offers a refined approach to your real estate business. People who visit your LinkedIn profile can know the information about you like your education, skills and experience. LinkedIn can serve as a polished platform for displaying your professional resume and work details.


Twitter is different from Facebook and LinkedIn. Here you can communicate with other users in just 280 characters, even if they are not connected to you. As a real estate broker and agent, you can use Twitter to connect with other people outside your professional and personal network. Moreover, it is quick to tweet and your time will not be wasted here. You can add a couple of buttons on your website for Tweet and retweet so that your website visitors can share your posts, links, and content – quickly and easily.


Instagram is a fantastic website, and its popularity is increasing day by day. It has a greater number of users than Twitter but, fewer users than LinkedIn. This percentage is increasing continuously. Instagram is an excellent place to exhibit your properties to millions around the globe. If you add the link of your social media page to your real estate website, it will enable users to share images from your website with just a click.

Instagram an awesome tool for photos sharing and more than 50% of its users share images when online. Instagram is really a boon to real estate brokers/agents. With an Instagram button in your website, you can highlight your properties and visitors can share the houses they like with others easily.


YouTube was started as a platform for teenagers to share their own videos in which they are singing along the soundtrack of popular songs or funny videos. Now it has become a place for businesses to pull customers by sharing videos of their business and/or work.

It is the largest website in the world for sharing videos. As a search engine, it ranks second to Google. If the video that you share in YouTube goes viral, you can easily get millions of views. But to derive benefits from this awesome social media tool, you need not go viral. You can have your own YouTube channel to showcase video tours of your properties.

If your website is connected to YouTube, you can provide your website visitors a suitable place to watch detailed videos about the properties that you sell. You also get a set of tools to measure and analyse data like the number of video shares, and how many unique visitors your website receives.

A number of social media websites are available, and you must understand their mechanics and the type of users each website has, to derive benefits from them. An approach in a manner preferred by each platform will give the best results. It may not be rocket science, but a science though which requires observation and some study.

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