Webinar 04 – Predictive Analytics with Python & Jupyter Notebook

Webinar 04 - Predictive Analytics with Python

In this webinar, Mr Abhishek Kumar (Ex. Sr. Consultant, Adobe) is sharing his expertise around data analysis using Python and Jupyter Notebook. Abhishek brings along over 10 years of experience in consulting.

Abhishek discussed key-concepts in predictive analytics, how organizations use Python and Jupyter notebook for data analysis.

Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Python
  • Jupyter notebook
  • Linear Regression
  • Multi-regression
  • Question & Answer

Connect with Abhishek:

Connect with Ashish:

Jupyter Notebook File

Download the Jupyter Notebook file from this session here.

Dataset File

Download the dataset used here.

Session Replay: Watch the Video.


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